Image of Spent Grain dog biscuits and Barsham Brewery beer

A Sustainable Treat - Spent Grain Dog Biscuits!

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Attention eco-conscious dog owners! Looking for a delicious and nutritious treat that's kind to the planet and your furry friend? Look no further than our Spent Grain Dog Biscuits.

These dog biscuits are a sustainable twist on the brewing by-product. Instead of going to farm animal feed, spent grain from Barsham Brewery, one of only three British brewers growing and brewing their own grain, is given a tasty second life as the star ingredient in our dog treats.

Photo of Spent Grain Dog Biscuits and Barsham Beer

A collaboration between us and the award-winning hotel The Hoste Arms in Burnham Market (who have the beers on tap!) led to the development of the biscuits using Barsham Brewery's spent grain. This not only created a delicious treat for pampered pooches but also fostered strong local partnerships! Any dog staying at the hotel receives a special pack of our Spent Grain dog biscuits.

By choosing this flavour, you're not just treating your dog to a yummy snack. You're supporting local businesses, reducing waste, and making a positive environmental impact. It's a win-win-win for you, your dog, and the planet!

Ready to give your pup a taste of sustainability? Get your paws on our Spent Grain Dog Biscuits and watch your furry friend wag with delight. Every crunch is a step towards a greener future!

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